Apr 13, 2009

Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much

"I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation."
~ Madame Benoit, Canadian cooking expert

I was gifted a really delectable piece of blue cheese recently and I've been adding some to just about everything - with mixed results. My last two experiments: Blue Cheese Risotto and Blue Cheese Carbonara. 

The risotto was pretty delish - I used the basic recipe, added a good dose of dried thyme with the onions and stirred in some crumbled blue cheese at the end. It was really nice and would make a great bed for some sliced flank steak. I'll most certainly re-visit it again.

Blue Cheese Carbonara was less of a hit. Again I started with the base recipe and added about two ounces of crumbled blue cheese when I tossed the pasta with the egg. The cheese and the country ham went really well together, but you didn't want to eat a whole bowl of it. A few bites in and I was over it - even the most die hard blue cheese lover has their limits.

The verdict? I'm one for two so far and I'm going to keep experimenting - I can feel a New Classic recipe right around the corner... Blue Cheese Potato Gratin anyone?

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