May 18, 2009

It's Monday Already?

I wanted to make something special for you this weekend, I really did. And I made a few things, new things even, that didn’t come with a recipe. But I didn’t really write them down, or photograph them so I can only tell you about them – which is really sort of boring I think.

The problem is, sometimes I feel like cooking, sometimes I feel like writing, sometimes I want to take pretty pictures. But rarely do I get the urge to do all three at once. And the weekend is just one day too short. If I had an extra day, see, I could plot and shop Saturday, cook and take pictures Sunday and write it all down with enough time to wrangle the computer and pull it all together on my special third day… It would be glorious. Wait – isn’t this coming weekend a long one? Oh yes – Memorial Day. Well, just you wait. It’s going to be good.

I did have a lovely weekend, though. A few of the highlights:

-Made Espresso Brownies and stopped by to visit with some friends who were doing this.

-Stopped by the green market at Piedmont Park during my weekend walk with friends. They picked up a selection of beautiful produce; we drank coffee and shared a chocolate croissant. (It’s a 5-mile roundtrip - we DESERVED it!) And the market has evolved into something really special – a baker, a cheese monger, fresh pasta, beautiful flowers, local harvests, eggs from a hen named Molly, and my very favorite French chocolatier – I wish it happened every day.

-Discovered this beautiful artist in the park. Liz’s voice is amazing - it stopped me in my tracks.

-Had a delicious dinner with friends, got to eat everything we had brought back from the market – sweet baby carrots still on the stem, fresh salsa, tender young broccoli, the most delicious lettuce (yes, lettuce can be delicious!) with Ina Garten’s amazing dressing, my pickled cucumber salad, couscous I made with chicken broth, golden raisins, almonds & mint, and grilled green garlic. All served alongside Jeremy’s Chicken, the best grilled chicken there has ever been, in a sauce full of fresh herbs. It was a very green dinner!

-Saw this movie. Very enjoyable.

And then it was Monday again.

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Happier Than Most said...

Wish I lived near you!!