Oct 11, 2009


Wanna go to a place where everyone knows your name? (Cue Cheers theme song…) Well then plan a trip to Jupiter, Florida. And before you go, call my cousin and tell her you’re on the way so that not only will she plan an elaborate dinner party in your honor with ten of the most interesting & fun people you’ve ever met, but she’ll also alert the ENTIRE TOWN that you’re coming so that once you arrive you will be greeted by EVERYONE as though you’re their long-lost relative or best friend. Everywhere you go people will call your name and be genuinely thrilled that you’re there. It’s absolutely enchanting. I think all the nicest people in the world must live in Jupiter, Florida.

One tip - when my cousin tells you that it’s getting “cooler” down there, just ignore her and pack your shorts and flip flops. Otherwise you’ll be the only idiot in Florida with a sweater.

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Happier Than Most said...

I guess there's a reason why I am not on the Weather Channel!

What a great time. Miss you already!