Dec 18, 2009

DIY: Holiday Mailing

Who says Single Gals can’t send out holiday cards? I know they’re usually plastered with precious photos of your pals’ kids or pets or kids with pets… but why not break the mold a bit and send out a holiday greeting of your own this year? You’re going to have to hurry though – it’s getting late! 

Image: Brown Parcel Press

I love this idea from the printing geniuses at Brown Parcel Press – a recipe postcard! Now that you’ve been cooking and entertaining all year as the fabulous Single Gal you are – drop a little culinary wisdom on your loved ones by sharing one of your favorite recipes.

Here are a few of my favorites you can crib:

Herb Crackers

Homemade Oreos

The best mac n’ cheese on the planet. For real.

Spicy Mexican Brownies

If you’re not going to buy pre-made cards from these guys and feel like making your own - then what to put on the front of your postcard?? How about a stunning image of you, decked out and looking fabulous – ideally with your head thrown back in peals of laughter and a glass of champagne in your hand. No such photo exists? How about a snapshot where you love how you look, or a picture you’ve taken that you think is cool, or use the camera in your computer and some of the funky effects to make yourself into a Warhol-esque portrait, or simply typeset a favorite greeting or quote in a fun font. Hell, put a picture of your cat on it for all I care – it’s your card!

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