Jan 13, 2010

An Open Letter...

Hello all the single ladies! Don't you just wish you could send something like this every once in awhile??

Dear Mr. Right Now,

You’re charming, intelligent and funny. We seem to share a pretty long list of stuff we like. And kissing you doesn’t suck.

I think it would be nice to have somebody to go to the movies with. Grab dinner with. And yeah, I’d like to schedule some more couch time, but let’s be clear: I’m not booking the synagogue and searching for a white dress yet.

So on our second date when, mid-smooch, you felt like you needed to tell me you aren’t ready for a serious relationship and then you subsequently fell off the face of the earth… what the hell was that?

I have a great job. I’m smart. I read. I prefer single malt scotch or a cold beer to fruity cocktails or chilled Chardonnay. I cook. Pretty damn well actually. I can recite every line of dialogue from Top Gun and Navy Seals. I’m not hard to look at and I have great hair. My dog is cool. I believe in the importance of man caves and ‘Boys’ Night Out’. I don’t need you to clean up my yard, my gutters or take out my trash. I’m debt, disease and baggage-free. In short – I’m a catch. And, casually or not, you’d be lucky to have me.

You’re a cool dude and I’d like to hang out again. If I promise I’m not going to fall in love with you, maybe we can grab a pizza sometime.

Take care, 
The Single Gal


Boe said...

You just put into words what every woman in the world has felt at some point in their lives!

Thanks TSG! :)

Happier Than Most said...

Loved this. WTF is wrong with men? And you are definitely the coolest chick out there. Along with me!

Erin said...

Best. Letter. Ever.

Can I just tell you that this made my day?! Seriously. I am so happy right now.

And it is all true. You are a great catch!

Lisa said...

Ugh, we have all been there. Those exact words. But don't be discouraged. They aren't all knuckleheads. Well, sometimes...

Ellen said...

Whoa, this is impressive. You pretty much sound like every guy's dream. My guess is, the guys in ATL suck just as much as they do in NYC ;)


The Leftoverist said...

You forgot to mention in your letter that you're hilarious.

I have been married since I was 21 (#$%*!), but I hear it's rough going out there. If dude doesn't grab a pizza with you, his loss.