Feb 25, 2009

"Old Clothes"

This isn't a typical DFO since it has to be on the stove for awhile, so it makes sense to go ahead + cook enough for leftovers. It will make a terrific lunch the next day. I only use half of a small flank steak when I make it but there's enough sauce for a whole steak, if you're into that kind of thing.

Dinner for One: Ropa Viejo

Ropa Viejo (or 'Vieja' depending on who you ask - the name means "old clothes" in Spanish, so technically the 'a' is correct) is a Cuban dish usually made from leftover shredded beef and spicy tomato sauce. I like to cook it all at once to keep the clean-up to a minimum, and using an inexpensive cut of meat means it needs extra time on the stove to get tender. It's a little more of a time investment, but it's worth it!

How I made it:
Slice half of a large onion and three whole pickled jalapenos into quarter-inch slivers and dump them in a small saucepot. Throw half of a small flank steak on top and add a can of Salsa Ranchero. Fill the empty salsa can once with water + add it to the pot + then pour in enough beer to almost cover the meat.

Top the pot with a lid + place it over low heat for about an hour. It should maintain a gentle simmer (bubbles barely breaking the surface) and when it’s done the meat will be super tender & falling apart and the sauce will be significantly reduced and thickened.

Pull the piece of meat out, shred it with a fork (sometimes it’s easier to use two), return it to the pot + toss with sauce.

Serve over white rice with lots of chopped cilantro and sour cream.

It’s also great rolled in a tortilla burrito-style or atop a bowl of spicy black beans.

NOTE: You can find Salsa Ranchero on the Latin foods isle of your grocery store. Be warned… Salsa Ranchero can be nuclear, burn-your-face-off, hot – it really varies by brand and you may have to taste a few to find one that suits your pain tolerance or shift down to sauces called Salsa Fresca. OR…use the hot stuff + reduce it to half a can – just add more beer!


Emma said...

I love the instructions! They are perfect for my amateur cooking skills! and I think Rob would love this :)

The Single Gal said...

beer + meat - of course Rob will love it!

Emma said...

I made it!! It was fabulous. need to look for another kind of salsa ranchero but other than that! Great recipe!

T.Ro. said...

I'm making this for Jim tonight. He is very excited. So am I!