Feb 3, 2009

You've gotta...

Preserve your taste buds... and the planet.

I’m in love with my newest discovery – Braswell’s Select Organic Preserves. I try to do my part to be ‘green’ and products like this make it easy. Not only are they delicious, organic, and made by a local company here in Georgia - but they come in these great drinking glasses that you can wash & re-use. I’m working my way up to a full set, they’ll be great for serving wine. Plus - and this is huge - the jams actually taste like real fruit, not just sweet & vaguely fruity. My first jar was Cherry Pomegranate and it was tart & full of cherries.

Next, I’ll have to decide between Peach Apricot Preserves with Sauterne, Raspberry Pomegranate, Fig, Seedless Black Raspberry, Spiced Apple and Strawberry…

I get my fix at a local farmer’s market but the company does have a website I think you can order from – it’s actually a small section of a larger specialty food manufacturer. I couldn’t get it to load this morning but hopefully you’ll have better luck!

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