Feb 3, 2010

Remember These?

The Crostata! This one has pears and crystalized ginger and was made with love by my #1 fan - my mom :)

I've been tardy in posting this one as we devoured it back in the fall, but I remember it being particularly tasty... have you made a crostata yet? Well, why the hell not? They're so easy, just assemble and pop it in the oven before you sit down to eat. When dinner's over you just casually head over to the stove, pull out a browned, bubbling treat and stand back while everyone oohs & ahhs. You'll be a hero. 

I love love love when you guys send me pics & stories about the recipes you've tried from the site - keep 'em coming!

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Anonymous said...

Trying this next :) With blueberries..