Jul 24, 2009

Cherry Jubilee

This recipe is a lot like penicillin – On my way to making some turnovers I discovered something even better… the cherry filling that goes inside.

I like cherries. Kind of a lot actually. So when I came across some for $1.99 a pound at the farmer’s market this week it was easy to convince myself that I could eat almost three pounds of them. By myself. In a week.

Yeah… that’s a lot of cherries for one gal to eat before they go bad. I’ve been grabbing a handful every time I walk by the fridge but there was no end in sight… so I went looking for a way to use them up. This recipe for Sweet and Sour Cherry Turnovers caught my eye b/c I actually had every I needed to make them without another trip to the store. Yep, I even had a box of puff pastry in the freezer…I know, I was pretty surprised too.

I wasn’t prepared to make the goat cheese cream included in the recipe but I did have some plain cream cheese so I added a spoonful in the middle of each turnover and I thought it worked fine. And that’s exactly how I felt about the finished product: they were…fine.

The cherry filling was better than fine though…it was downright delicious and it couldn’t be easier. More like a quick jam, it’s a rustic, sweet & tart compote that would be great on ice cream, oatmeal, toast or pancakes. Actually, it would be incredible on pancakes…

So the next time I go overboard in the produce department I’ll skip the pastry, make a big batch of this sauce and invite a few buds over for breakfast-

Don't you just love the cute recipe card? I found the card generator through my new favorite site - go check them both out...


Kate said...

That card is so cute! But the links are broken )c:

The Single Gal said...

oops! All fixed now - thanks for letting me know!