Jul 27, 2009

I Spy

A taco truck!! 

In Atlanta!!

Ok, not exactly in Atlanta but certainly within striking distance... a hell of a lot closer than LA. So I can get a taco fix without the cross-country journey. My life is perfect now.

Clockwise from top left:
1. The menu. Yep, that's right, tacos are just $.99
2. Ordering truckside.
3. Tacos. Muy bueno tacos.
4. Why does soda from south of the border taste so good? 'cause it's made with real sugar!

A big, big 'thank you' to my dear 'ol Mom for finding this little treasure. I promise you never have to go back...


Happier Than Most said...

Now your mom just needs to find one in Jupiter!

muddywaters said...

My friend and I have pondered running a taco truck. I think, one would do well in a college town.

I love the Mexican sodas also. They seem lighter and less syrupy than our sodas. I always feel like they quench my thirst better. It's probably just in my head.

take care,

The Single Gal said...

JupiterCuz - I'll get her right on that. She's very resourceful you know...

Oh Muddy you should! I will fly to wherever you are just to eat a taco at your truck - promise.

Lisa said...

The food trucks here in New York are a lifesaver when you want good, cheap food but you're on the run. I'm glad you're getting some your way too. Trust me, it will catch on quick!