Jul 12, 2009

A Vacation Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, brilliant and impossibly charming* Princess who went on vacation to a land far, far away. She spent ten glorious days in a beachside cottage with all of her favorite friends and loved ones**. She frolicked all day in the sand & surf while the sun tanned her to a lovely bronze***. Every meal was fit for a King, lovingly prepared by the kitchen slave-slash-cabana boy**** and evenings were a blur of good food, delicious cocktails and big belly laughs. The Princess returned home relaxed and refreshed and she lived happily ever after*****.

The End.******

*Hey, this is my fairy tale…
** Except for
you of course & you know who you are.
***Ok, not exactly. But if you’re standing far away & squinting, my brown freckles merge together…
****He’s a cutie patootie and should my cousin ever tire of him, I plan to snatch him up immediately.
*****Or at least until the vacation glow wore off.
******Until later this week when I come back with new content!

1 comment:

Erin said...

Hilarious! Glad you are back.