Jul 16, 2009

OK, I'm Ready.

Wow. That took longer than I thought it would. I had no idea it would take me a week to get my bearings post-vacation but I’m back-

I’ve tackled the pile of laundry, paid the stack of bills, got caught up at work, and have almost finished unpacking my suitcase. That must mean it’s time to entertain!

This email went out to a few close friends:

hey pals,

I'm feeling the itch to entertain... with the disclaimer that I will probably be taking pictures of your food & writing anecdotes about your behavior... would you like to come to dinner at my house Saturday night? Completely casual of course & I may try to hunt up another guest or two (suggestions??) - hope you'll all join!

p.s. - Does shrimp freak anybody out? I'm still feeling beachy...

An essentials-only trip to the grocery store when I got back yielded a handful of almost ripe peaches, about a pound of sweet Rainier cherries*, and the knowledge that shrimp are on sale this week. Armed with a recipe for BBQ Shrimp I’ve been dying to try and a ready-made pie crust in the freezer (there’s a crostata in my future) - I see a dinner menu shaping up. I’m going to snag a fresh green vegetable and a loaf of really good bread from the Green Market tomorrow and I’ll be all set.

I’ll let you know how it goes… 

And just so you know - I've really missed you guys.

I’m playing around with some of the graphics on the site…but I'm not the most computer-savvy gal so bear with me while I figure it out, ok? 

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