Jan 29, 2009

California Dreaming

Dinner For One: Fish Tacos

This is a DFO that requires a little more pre-planning, only because it includes a few fresh ingredients (cabbage & limes). Originally from Baja, fish tacos with shredded cabbage are fast, delicious & easy – they might be a perfect food actually. Crunchy & soft, tangy & spicy… I have even seriously considered moving out to Cali so I could have constant access to them…

How I made them:
Mix 3 tablespoons of sour cream with the juice from half a lime. Toss with a large handful of shredded coleslaw mix (green & purple cabbage with carrots, buy it in a bag from your produce section) and some cilantro leaves. Put aside. You’ll want to do this first so the cabbage will soften a little and loose some of its raw cabbage taste while you prepare everything else. I added a spoonful of the pickling liquid from a can of pickled jalapenos but that is seriously optional*.

I like boneless, skinless tilapia filets - you can find them frozen & thaw one at a time as you need them – but any mild white fish will work. Heat a swirl of olive oil in a non-stick pan over high heat. Generously salt & pepper both sides of your fish & add it to the pan. Flip it over when the bottom has browned and the filet looks halfway cooked (opaque white).

While fish is cooking, start heating tortillas over medium heat. I had corn tortillas on hand so that’s what I used – but I like the flour ones just as much. If you use corn tortillas, be sure to toast them – it’ll enhance their flavor and keep them from breaking apart. I use this special tortilla pan, a gift from a pal in LA, but any flat-bottomed pan will work. Wrap them in a dish
 cloth or tin foil as they come off so they’ll stay hot.

Once the fish is cooked through, assemble your tacos. A tortilla, some of the lime cabbage mixture, some fish & a few pickled jalapeno strips on top*… a little hot pepper sauce if you’re into that kind of thing. And there you have it – a Baja-style fish taco, without the plane ticket out west.

If you’re hosting some friends, try serving these with a side of black beans & a cold Sol beer… but be sure to invite me over if you do that. Seriously.

*A note about pickled jalapenos:
I’m a teensy bit obsessed with pickled jalapenos. I LOVE them. I could add them to just about anything. And you can be sure that there is always a container of them in my fridge. Really, just ask to try one next time you come over-

I realize not everyone feels such affection for this pickled pepper – I just don’t understand why. I do think they really work here though so give them a try!


Erin said...

These sound amazing! They could rival DB's fish tacos...

Kate said...

Fish tacos are seriously one of my absolute favorite meals EVER. They were one of the first recipes I posted on my food blog.

I share the love for the pickled jalapenos, by the the way. If ever learn how to can, that is what I'm making first.